The River That Flow Both Ways
made with Kirk Muir Horton

In August 2019, Kirk Muir Horton and I paddled 315 miles from source to sea down the Hudson River in record time. A river that starts in the Adirondacks and ends at the Statue of Liberty, our trip was as unpredictable and complex as the river itself. We used a 10 foot inflatable canoe to make it through the whitewater, dams, and tides. When things went wrong we hitched rides on rafts, boats, trains, and cars. In times of need strangers became friends. In a youthful trip, from a trickle to the sea we explored the environmental impacts of one of America’s most influential yet endangered rivers.
Jackal Product Video 
La Sportiva 

I produced and directed this video shot only a few blocks from my house in Boulder it was great to work with friends right out our backdoor.DP: Joey Schusler AC: Garrett Milanovich Athletes: Clare Gallagher and Anton Krupicka